Infant Curriculum

At Brackendale Montessori, we are committed to promoting quality Montessori infant care for children from nine months to eighteen months.  

Our Infant program is focused on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere where educators provide flexible care, based on the needs of the family. Infants are nurtured through a variety of activities that include – sensory, arts and crafts, music, movement and much more.

The Montessori Infant environment stresses the importance of freedom of movement. We take great care in setting up a “whole room play area” which enables the infant to explore a wide range of materials, textures, and objects for tactile, visual, and sensory stimulation.

Language development is also an integral part of the Montessori Infant environment. A teacher’s role is to consciously introduce language through the use of words, pictures, objects, and body language. Infants gather their first understanding of the world, and thrive, through this interaction.